Boiler Services

At Ilex, we know how important boilers are to the heating system in your home and therefore we service, install and repair both oil and gas boilers. We are Gas Safe and OFTEC oil registered, and Worcester Bosch accredited and have over 35 years of experience, guaranteeing you the best customer satisfaction.

Boiler Installations

Installation of a boiler can be a tricky decision to make. With Ilex we are certain to make the process as structured & worry-free as possible. We are accredited Worcester Bosch boiler installers and can offer you up to a 12-year guarantee with the UK’s top rated boiler brand. Our boilers installed & energy efficient, will save you money on the energy bills & reduce your carbon footprint. We offer competitive and fair pricing so that you feel that you are receiving the best quality products, customer service & reliability.

Boiler Installations
Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing

Your boiler is the beating heart of your heating and hot water system in your home, it’s also an appliance that uses a highly volatile fuel so it’s imperative that it is inspected annually to ensure it is operating safely, efficiently as well as being gas/oil & water tight. During a boiler service the appliance will be inspected & cleaned as well as being tested at full capacity with a combustion analyser to record and set the correct combustion setup as specified by the manufacturer. Oil boilers will receive a replacement oil nozzle in the burner & if required a replacement oil flexi hose between the incoming copper oil supply and the burner as these are of rubber construction & can harden and leak.

Boiler Repairs

At Ilex, we can repair your boiler if you are having trouble with it. In the first instance, we would suggest you reset your boiler if you are getting error codes. If the error codes persist, then we recommend giving us a call. We know that having a boiler breakdown can be a very frustrating experience and we want to make sure that your boiler repair is as stress-free and quick as possible. We operate from 8am-5pm on weekdays and 9am-12pm on Saturday so if you are experiencing any boiler issues, please call us.

Boiler Repair

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