Can a Plumber do a Heating Engineer’s job?

It can sometimes get confusing as to who to call when you have a plumbing or heating problem in your home.

A plumbers trade can cover a multitude of tasks such as bathrooms, kitchens, boiler servicing and maintenance and heating systems.  Although a lot of plumbers are well trained on heating systems through years of experience, not all are registered to legally do the job when it comes to working on gas installations and appliances. This is something to look out for when calling a plumber to look at a gas job.

Heating System

A heating engineers primary role is to work on the heating of a building.  They install and maintain the pipework, fixtures and fittings which are used to heat a structure be that a residential property, or commercial and industrial units. Heating engineers solely work on heating so if you have a problem with your heating system or want to book a boiler service or repair, you should call a heating engineer as they are specialists in this line of work.

Gas Safe Register List for Local Heating Engineers

To check a plumbers and heating engineers suitability to do the job professionally on your gas boiler, look at the Gas Safe Register where they will be listed.

registered heating engineer