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Clean Heat Market

The Clean Heat Market Mechanism (CHMM) will be coming into effect this year as decided by the Government. This has no effect on you directly, however manufacturers are now under obligation to meet specific targets within a year or face a fine. This is to attempt to reduce the amount of emissions produced from homes.



Gas Safety in Flood Risk Areas

Gas Safety Measures in Flood-Prone Regions: Essential Precautions for Homeowners

With the recent surge in wet weather conditions, the risk of flooding has become increasingly prevalent across numerous regions. For homeowners residing in flood-prone areas, safeguarding themselves and their families against potential gas-related hazards during such events is paramount. Here, we offer


Worcester Bosch Boilers – What are the guarantees?

Worcester Bosch Boilers – What are the guarantees?

Worcester Bosch offers a range of guarantees depending on what boiler and accessories you choose and who you choose to install it. They accredit heating engineers to install their boilers and if you choose a local accredited heating engineer to install your new boiler, it could


Is Oil Heating Being Phased Out?

The UK Government have committed to reducing Co2 emissions to reach the goal of reducing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and combating climate change.

But What Heating Systems are Available?

Alternative systems including the use of renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and geothermal heating systems, allows the phasing out of oil-based heating systems


Low Boiler Pressure? DON’T PANIC!

Low boiler pressure is not dangerous, it won’t put anybody in your household at risk.

If you’re unsure whether your boiler pressure is low, look out for some of these symptoms:

  • No heating or hot water
  • Radiators not warming properly
  • Dial on pressure gauge has fallen (pressure should be between 1 and 2 bars)

Boilers play a


CARBON MONOXIDE – The Silent Killer!

Carbon monoxide is an odourless, invisible, silent killer meaning that you cannot smell it, see it or hear it but it can cause death!!

Regardless of age of your gas appliance or how it has been maintained, any gas appliance can produce the highly poisonous gas carbon monoxide, also known as CO.

It is produced by the

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